Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tay's Smelly Maid Interview

Dacy has been interviewing females for a job position- the be her maid. She asks a few basic household questions like cleaning the baseboards, and how to do laundry... which leads her to the question, "How would you clean my stinky pantyhose?" Tay explains how she hand washes them and uses delicate special detergent. OH NO NO NO! Dacy is looking for her maid to be able to SMELL THE STENCH OUT! Tay is baffled and unsure of this... she's never smelled pantyhose to clean them before?! Dacy informs her applicant that as a part of the job interview she must show her how good of a job she'd do! WHAT!? Well, Tay does REALLY need the job! She gets on her knees and begins taking long whiffs of Dacy's SUPER smelly hose. She sniffs more aggressively and stronger. Dacy tells her that she's not even at the top of the list and she's had better smellers before. Tay tries and tries and she smells so hard to get the stench out! Once Dacy is satisfied she tells Tay that she has 4-5 more interviews to do, her interview is over. Tay rushes to sit up but wants to know if she got the job, "Don't call us, we'll call you! Thanks!"

 Length: 10 minutes
 Price: 2.39 USD

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